Your Reading - Step-by-Step

Virtually all individual readings occur via phone.

The night before a reading, you make a specific request in prayer for contact during the scheduled reading with loved ones who have passed. That is, you ask each person on the Other Side, by name, to show up. ( “__________, please come through for Suzanne tomorrow at the time of the scheduled reading.” Prioritize your requests – asking for one or two individuals for a 30-minute session and up to four for an hour-long reading.

Make sure you also take the time to jot down a reasonable number of questions, in order of importance, for these loved ones or concerns related to your personal life that your guides will answer through mine. It’s important to write them down as the writing increases the likelihood that guides begin framing responses for me even before the session. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. (For example, asking the meaning of life is apt to result in a generic response like, “to learn lessons.”)

If you have a candle, light one. I ask that you sit in a comfortable chair in a room by yourself. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it is for me to do an accurate reading. The exception to this rule is during an animal communication, in which case your pet should be awake and nearby.

I prefer not to rush through the preliminaries. Plan for the reading to exceed session’s agreed upon duration by an extra 15 minutes. During this time, for example, I engage in a brief meditation and ask that God clear me to connect with the Other Side. I have a primary guide, known to me as Gloria, as well as other guides who connect with your own guides. (All of us come into the world with these loving guides). In virtually all instances, your loved ones are also ready and waiting to connect with you from the Other Side.

For a sense of what occurs during group, family, and business readings and their duration, refer to the page entitled Types of Readings.