Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Will you deliver "bad" information?

All the information I get is from the Light. It is information that will help you move forward on your path. Also, those on the Other Side get the "big picture" – they recognize the importance of asking for or giving forgiveness as well as expressing love. This love or friendship makes the connection possible.

How do I know you’re not making things up?

I’m an evidential psychic. I typically receive details that relate to you or a loved one on the Other Side which I could not have accessed earlier in any way. It may not be a detail you expect, but it will be a validation that the information is not generic or generalized to all people.

Sometimes a detail makes no sense during the reading or someone comes through who is unknown to you. In virtually every case, I hear later that the detail, in fact, has been validated; in other words, a relative like a great-grandfather or the deceased son of a co-worker has used this opportunity to communicate and, ultimately, their connection to you reveals itself. Similarly, upon a guide’s or loved one’s mention to me of an object, like a unique piece of jewelry, the client may draw a blank during the reading but be find the very object in a drawer or in someone’s possession later.

How can readings via phone be preferable to person-to-person sessions?

Communication with the Other Side is telepathic, not requiring a physical presence. On the phone, I am less distracted by emotional responses of clients and not subject to charges of using clients' facial or behavioral cues to deliver information. It’s an efficient and economical way to provide as well as to receive a reading.

How can voicing questions or concerns about personal issues help me?

Guides may help to pinpoint the cause of a specific issue or ailment. More than one client has told me that after going to therapists for years, the answer to a personal challenge has come in one reading, as guides help the listener see problems in a new light. You have free will with regard to how you approach challenges, but I often can see future scenarios based on certain choices you make.

What’s the best time frame for a reading?

I recommend that a first reading be 60 minutes in length. It’s often the case that the client either wants to benefit from a connection with loved ones as well as to explore personal issues…. or they discover the need to have sufficient time to "hear" from and relay mesages to a special loved one or several of them.

Why can I only request 2-4 contacts from the Other Side?

Typically, the need is great to spend as much time in mutual communication with a loved one who has passed or more than one loved one. Know that those on the Other Side have messages that take time to deliver, too. The common response is that “time flies” during a reading. Sometimes, at these primary readings, someone unexpected shows up, too.

What’s the best formula for a successful reading?

There is a consensus among psychics that three factors influence the success of any reading. They include:

  1. the expertise of the professional intuitive;
  2. the ability of the loved one on the Other Side to connect and communicate; and
  3. the openness of the client to the experience.

It’s fine with me if you offer little or no information during the reading; however, past clients have provided the occasional detail or affirmative response in order to delve further into atopic that comes up, and the result is often that they get even more specific information.

Honesty is the best policy. I’ll be totally honest with you about what I am perceiving as long as you are totally honest with me. My guide Gloria tells me when someone is altering the facts or otherwise not being forthcoming. If you desire accurate information, the starting point must be mutual trust.