Even as a child, I “knew” things and “saw” things, not physically perceivable. I assumed that this multi-sensory gift was the norm for everyone -- another God-given capability shared by all. Gradually, I learned that most others do not consciously receive this form of guidance. I discovered that my unique gift could improve and enrich lives.

In 2000, this discovery led to my decision to offer readings, professionally. I already had experienced significant success as a businesswoman. I’d co-owned a temp employment agency from 1993 until 1998. After I sold my half of the business, I became the founder and sole owner of an executive search firm.

Business boomed because I could provide information crucial to company owners’ needs. I was able to listen to specific directives from my guides and relay them to the business client. I could place the perfect candidate for a position in little time. Soon I found myself advising clients on a range of business challenges, beyond candidate placement.

These satisfied clients told others. My reputation for accuracy grew. People began to ask me to do readings related to their personal lives as well. I had begun to see loved ones, who had passed, around candidates during interviews. In fact, I found that making these connections was a strong suit. Reunions with those on the Other Side often had a huge impact on individuals’ lives.

In order to incorporate this service into my job description, I closed the firm and focused on further developing and using my gifts, full-time. I began consulting and studying with other expert mediums. The timing proved to be significant because I happened to refine my abilities before 9/11 and, subsequently, to help families of victims.

Shortly after September 11, 2001, a number of them began appearing to and communicating with me. At peace, but eager to send messages of love and healing to their loved ones, they provided evidential personal information to validate the authenticity of their communications to their families. Periodically, I still see and hear from these special souls and whenever I do, I relay their specific messages to loved ones.

The ways I provide service continue to expand. In a single reading, I am willing to link an individual with loved ones on the Other Side as well as to relay answers related to personal concerns. Family sessions and group sessions are common. I do individual career counseling and still do consultations for businesses. I’ve even communicated with animals -- providing owners of horses, dogs, cats, (even an aardvark!) with information, otherwise inaccessible, about health and pet care.

Prominent business owners, celebrities, and others who demand absolute privacy repeatedly seek my services. Clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and telepathic, I serve in myriad ways.