The Individual Reading:

This reading is a one-to-one session, usually by phone, for the duration of 60 minutes, especially for a first reading, or of 30 minutes. See the section, Your Individual Reading – Step by Step, for details of how to prepare for the session. Questions related to personal concerns may include any area of your life – health, career, love life, partners and children, other relationships, travel, personality issues and the like. You may be desirous of expressing love and making contact with one or more loved ones who have passed, or you also may have questions to pose to one or more of them.

I sometimes get information about one or more past lives impinging on your present one or a vision of a future event in your life. I may “see” analogies that explain reasons for things happening to you. The information comes in a variety of ways as quick flashes, distinct images, words, names, relevant or metaphorical objects, spirits/entities from another dimension. I’m open to devoting the time we spend to your priorities.

The Family Reading:

A minimum of two hours in duration, this reading includes two or more members of a family, all wanting to establish communication with one or more relatives, in particular, who have passed. Every participant typically has an opportunity to directly communicate with the loved one, with the amount of time that is allotted to individuals dependent on the duration of the reading for all and the number of family members served. The session occurs via speaker phone or, locally, at the site of the family’s choosing.

The Group Reading:

A minimum of two hours in length and at a site within a reasonable traveling distance for me, this reading occurs as part of a social gathering of friends or business colleagues. The norm is to provide private individual readings at the gathering.

The Gallery Reading:

Another form of the group reading is to gather ten or more in a 1-hour time frame, when I offer random communication to certain participants, but may not/cannot communicate or connect for everyone present. This service as well as the group reading can be integrated into a party, a retreat, or a similar special event.

The Business-Related Reading:

I bring my access to spiritual guidance to bear on a range of business issues ranging from decisions related to new ventures, budget priorities, buying or selling equipment, relocation issues and optimum advertising to personnel issues like hiring-and-firing and staff dynamics. I advise entrepreneurs on their chances of success, launching new companies or projects.

I require a list of questions in print, pertinent to the challenge, followed by a one-two hour phone consultation. The final contact is via phone when I provide feedback and suggest best-case scenarios for resolving conflicts, moving forward, and ensuring success.

Animal Communication:

Communication with large animals, specifically horses, requires a minimum of two hours. All other connections with pets can be made over the phone, as an owner sits with a hand on the pet in a quiet room and I engage in dialogue with the animal in question. The human can pose questions related to the pet’s health, emotional well-being, preferences or needs in any area of the animal’s life.